Robert James' Arrest Records

In the early morning hours of 1 November 2009, Robert James, head of the International School of Gemology (ISG), was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon for an alleged vehicular assault on Michael Jason Fox in Bexar County Texas (Case No. 369245). James later plead down to a lesser charge. On 19 August 2011, Robert Cullen James was granted two years "Deferred Adjudication" for Assault Causes Bodily Injury. As part of his punishment, he was ordered to work 25 hours of Community Services Restitution (CSR), but claimed he was unable to do so due to a medical condition. Note that his medical condition has not stopped him from mining sunstone in Oregon.

The man that James assaulted with his vehicle was a retired 20-year US military veteran whose military wife was in Iraq at the time of the assault.

Note that "Deferred Adjudication" in the state of Texas is essentially a form of probation. It is a form of a guilty plea.


This is but one further example of this gemmology school headmaster's reprehensible behavior.

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We are the Gobsmacked Gang, those who cannot believe the things that spring from the mouth of the International School of Gemology's Robert James, the Mr. Bean of the gemmological world. Please note that the Gobsmacked Gang has nothing to do with what appears to be yet another Robert James attack site, which is designed to hurt someone making an honest attempt at teaching gemmology. Once again, as is copiously detailed on our Files page, James reveals what an evil little spawn he is. We would pray for his soul, but there is no evidence he has one. Thus we suggest a career change. A man like this certainly belongs in the Trump administration.




"If I were to catch any of my ISG Registered Gemologists or Registered Gemologist Appraisers trying to pull the stunts that you are pulling on eBay, I would pull their diplomas, publicly expel them from the ISG, and personally make sure that they did not work again in this industry with anything but a broom in their hand."

— Robert James

"They [the insurance industry] do not take kindly to frauds being perpetrated on consumers."

— Robert James

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