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The whole world loves a maverick and the whole world wants the maverick to achieve something nobler than simple rebellion.

Kevin Patterson

Consumer advocates, gotta love them. Out there fighting for the little guy, making sure "big money" does right by the all those who are "little money". Raising funds in order to support those not in the know, forming societies, selling subscriptions and promising to uphold the highest ethics. Mr. Robert James, the "yourgemologist" of, World Gem Society, International School of Gemology,, Gemstone Treatment Report,, (and probably a clutch of sites we have yet to discover) is a great example of what a consumer advocate tries to look like. Here is a guy who, via his International School of Gemology and World Gem Society  attempts to stick it to the man. And man does he...

You go gurl!

In mid-January of 2012, the World Gem Society issued a newsletter (see images below) concerning a new danger that the International School of Gemology's dean had never before seen: a lead-glass filled green sapphire. Not just any green sapphire, but a 91.83 ct lead glass filled green sapphire that Mr. James stated he had purchased from a "noted sapphire dealer in Hong Kong."  He also stated that the seller represented it as "all natural and untreated." Since we cannot be sure how long the above link will stay active, we've archived the pages below, purely for posterity's sake. Click on the thumbnails to read this:

International School of Gemology, WGS Hong Kong Sapphire report Pg 1International School of Gemology, WGS Hong Kong Sapphire report Page 2, robert jamesInternational School of Gemology, World Gem Society Hong Kong Sapphire Report Pg 3

Outstanding bit of public service sleuthing, yes? He says it right there on the first page that he's doing it for the benefit of the industry. Noble. It almost makes us want to drop serious copper into the World Gem Society coffers because this chap is obviously looking out for us.

Weally weally weird

We discovered that YourGemologist is active on eBay.  The profile from the International School of Gemology's head says he's been a member since 1999 and his feedback sits at 100%.

What else does his feedback show? Sitting down? This is where we dwop wight down the wabbit hole:

On Dec. 14th, 2011, the International School of Gemology/World Gem Society's YourGemologist (Robert James) purchased a 91.83 ct green sapphire from a eBay vendor in Thailand by the name of Jingjaigem for $1.25.

We contacted Jingjaigem. Oddly, he is based in Chanthaburi (Thailand), not Hong Kong. And Jingjaigem is an eBay vendor selling stones worth a couple of quid, not a "noted Hong Kong sapphire dealer." Uh oh...

yourgemologist ebay showing green sapphire purchase, Robert James ISG, International School of Gemology

Surely a coincidence, right?

Jingjaigem also ensures fast delivery as we had occasion to discover. We ordered something from him and the parcel arrived a few days later bearing Thai stamps, a Thai postmark and a Chanthaburi return address.

Shall we take a look at the eBay listing of the green sapphire in question? Let's...

Seller page for 91.83 ct green sapphire, Robert James ISG, Robert James WGS, International School of Gemology       Goodness gwacious! Do we see what we think we see?

Green sapphire from the WGS Hong Kong report, Robert James, International School of Gemology

Same same (but different)

Mr. "YourGemologist" Robert James often talks about his quaint "Old Geezer" rule. Perhaps he had an Old Geezer memory moment here?  After all, Hong Kong/Thailand, it's still Asia. Texas/New York, same same, wight?

Okay, we know, some people are horrid at geography. One of the beauties of the internet is that it tends not to have those memory lapses. So let's take a wee little peek and see what Jingjaigem had to say about this stone when he was selling it.

Seller disclosure for 91.83 ct green sapphire, Robert James ISG, Robert James WGS, International School of Gemology

Mavewick, what's this?

Once we get past the eyeball-searing hot pink of Jingjaigem's header image, we find this 91.83-carat threat to the American dream clearly disclosed as:


Webel, webel, you sure did know. Hot twamp, I no love you no more!




We're going to take the International School of Gemology's Robert James at his word when he stated at the end of his report that he was fine with sharing it, providing that the copyright remained intact. So we'll share it with you, and will continue to share more in the future. Copyright of said material belongs to the World Gem Society.

About us

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We are the Gobsmacked Gang, those who cannot believe the things that spring from the mouth of the International School of Gemology's Robert James, the Mr. Bean of the gemmological world. Please note that the Gobsmacked Gang has nothing to do with what appears to be yet another Robert James attack site, which is designed to hurt someone making an honest attempt at teaching gemmology. Once again, as is copiously detailed on our Files page, James reveals what an evil little spawn he is. We would pray for his soul, but there is no evidence he has one. Thus we suggest a career change. A man like this certainly belongs in the Trump administration.




"If I were to catch any of my ISG Registered Gemologists or Registered Gemologist Appraisers trying to pull the stunts that you are pulling on eBay, I would pull their diplomas, publicly expel them from the ISG, and personally make sure that they did not work again in this industry with anything but a broom in their hand."

— Robert James

"They [the insurance industry] do not take kindly to frauds being perpetrated on consumers."

— Robert James

Read about the Robert James eBay fraud in our article here.