Bi-Color Topaz Treatment Report


Wednesday, May 9th, 2012—At our grass roots gemstone identification and treatment research laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand which is not listed on our LinkedIn profiles so we are once again guilty of lying about credentials since we have had a gemstone treatment research laboratory in Bangkok since the early 1990's and our many findings have been published in Gems & Gemology, AsiaWeek, JCK and other publications around the world, we took in an unusually strongly color bi-color zoned topaz reportedly from the historic mine at Volin, Ukraine.

Hong Kong PO Box

Having read the various newsletters coming from Robert James and his International School of Gemology / World Gem Society warning about color infusion treatments now possible for virtually every gemstone having been developed by the Chinese who are cooking using molybdenum and graphite crucibles in Chanthaburi, Thailand and being sold undisclosed by unscrupulous Hong Kong dealers who are presenting themselves under the name of well-respected Thai dealers but are actually working out of a cramped Hong Kong post office box we immediately became suspicious.

Thus we thought to ourselves: What would Robert James and his International School of Gemology / World Gem Society do? After verifying the piece was actually topaz with our Atago Automatic Digital Refractometer RX- 5000?-Plus backed up with a specific gravity test using a Shimadzu SMK-401, we immersed the piece in Trugem immersion fluid (R.I. 1.62 ≈ Topaz) in a GEMOL00287 laboratory grade immersion cell because Dixie® cups are not sold in Thailand and viewed it at 100x magnification through a GemLab MaxxiLEDScope and took photos with a Panasonic Lumix 8MP digital camera with a Leica DC Vario-Elmarit lens none of which is actually true except for the camera.

Due to the fact that high quality Swiss gemstone tweezers are beyond the budget of so many of us grass roots gemstone treatment super-sleuths we have used RAMEN® branded disposable chopsticks to hold our gemstones.

As you can see from Photo #1 the soft nature of these softwood RAMEN® branded disposable chopsticks take advantage of the softness making it easy to hold this radiation treated blue topaz which is obviously treated which you can easily see from this high-resolution photograph.

Topaz with chopsticks

Photo 1.

For those of you unfamiliar with this simple but effective grass roots technique we have provided a tutorial video showing how it is so easy to learn that it can even be mastered by a six-year old American girl so those of you who are intimidated by all this Chinese stuff will have no excuse for not using this wonderful and simple grass roots technique.


Topaz inclusion

Photo 2.

The results of our microscopic investigations were quite revealing as you can clearly see a dark substance filling the cracks which is obviously dye as a result of the incomplete dyefusion process recently discovered and newly revealed to the trade:

Further investigation with a GemLab MaxxiLEDScope revealed even more disturbing results as we discovered the dye filled cracks actually closely resembled the treatment seen in glass filled color infused aquamarine recently revealed to the trade:


We began to wonder exactly how the dyefusion material could have been injected so deeply into the crystal structure but after reviewing the previous reports, the explanation of opening up the grain boundaries using nano-level cooking technology became an obvious possibility.

Topaz bubbles

Photo 3.

Another possibility of a way the dyefusion material could have reached these deep fissures is through the bottom of the inside of what is actually a carved cavity and the bottom of the cavity clearly reaches a major fissure as seen in Photo #3.


Photo 4.

We then used our RAMEN® branded custom color coordinated bamboo chopsticks to hold our suspected topaz for RAMAN advanced gemstone treatment diagnostics, here is what we found:


Table 1.

Our results were in agreement with the following findings: "Inspection of the RAMAN scattered peaks at about 3000 cm-1 show that by increasing irradiation time and increasing the temperature can lead to an increase in the scattering peaks. This may mean that neutron irradiation helps in band cleavage of the OH group."

Some might not be in the know, but having previously heard the OH-Group in a downtempo remix jam at the Bed Supperclub in Bangkok, we knew exactly how to be there and be here, too.

Thus we broke out our secret weapon, the color coordinated chopsticks. These assist us in holding multi-colored gemstones when doing advanced diagnostic study with the Canadian developed GL Gem RAMAN, all the while maintaining the high-brow on the down-low.


Photo 5.


Photo 6.

Even more disturbing was the strong blue and brown color zoning which is a clear indication of treatment as you can plainly see in Photo #6. You will also notice the suspicious bubble like features which we are investigating and will present our most disturbing findings at a later time.

Topaz fingerprint

Photo 7.

From looking at Photo #7 you can clearly see this stone is obviously just messy from the internal damage caused by the nano-color infusion radiation dyefusion treatment tearing it up.

Photo# 8. was stolen from the owner without permission but used under the fair use clause of section 107 of the copyright laws of the USA which do not apply to Thailand anyway and which we learned about from Robert James and the International School of Gemology and World Gem Society. When the owner found out we let him steal it back which is why you don't see it here.

Since we could not find molybdenum or graphite crucible relics or threads attached by water glass which were unscrupulously removed during the polishing process, and due to the complex nature of the compound treatments discovered in this nano-color infusion radiation dyefusion treated topaz, this piece will require extensive investigation by Ph.D. level scientists who do not actually work in our laboratory.

This highly treated topaz was presented for analysis by somebody formerly with GemsTV who was replaced by Richard Hughes who now works for a Hong Kong Chinese sapphire company so obviously it must be heavily treated. GemsTV is not to be confused with JewelryTV who shocked the industry with their disclosure of the possibility that red andesine had been heat treated which was then revealed to be copper diffusion treated by JGGL before anyone else in the trade had a clue what was going on and were able to jump on the bandwagon and ride the coat tails of JTV & JGGL to fame and legal misfortune.

This piece has been sent out to Ph.D. level scientists for advanced study using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (EDXRF), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR), UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer, Laser Ablation Inductively Couple Plasma Mass Spectrometer (LA-ICP-MS) but not Laser Raman Spectroscopy (RAMAN) as we have our own in-house Canadian developed GL Gem Raman which we are still trying to learn how to use so we can get accurate results and not make mistakes like calling a tourmaline a synthetic when it was actually a natural tourmaline which may or may not have been treated depending on which scrupulous or unscrupulous gem lab you talk to.

N.B. We cannot mention who these Ph.D. level scientists are due to the risk of exposing them to the harassment brought about by the threat of lawsuits so prevalent in our trade today but rest assured they do not work for GRS who fakes evidence or the GIA since these organizations are run by rock star level gem industry white faces who are fronting for the Chinese nano-color infusion radiation dyefusion undisclosed treatment fraud-scam-subversion-conspiracy-plotters who are determined to treat every colored gemstone on the planet and not disclose it unless they are exposed by a super-hero gemologist who no one in the gemological scientific community at large pays any attention to anyway.

A special thanks to Bill W. from whom we learned the value of promptly admitting when we are wrong (Step 10) and practicing that principal in all our affairs (Step 12).

Stay tuned for next week's proclamation of the newest disturbing news of our newest undisclosed gemstone treatment discoveries.




Credentials? We don't need no stinkin' credentials!


The findings in this report should in no way be considered scientifically conclusive as they are merely the observations and opinions of non-credentialed grass roots gem cutters and gemology hobbyists.

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